Diversifying my portfolio with LoCorr Funds.

Mission: To Educate investment professionals and individual investors about the significant benefits of low-correlating investment products to help achieve portfolio diversification and reduce overall risk.

About LoCorr Fund Management

LoCorr Funds is a U.S. based investment firm specializing in low-correlating investment strategies. For nearly 10 years, LoCorr has been focused on the promotion of these low-correlating products to help deliver enhanced returns and reduced risk in client portfolios.

Our alternative investing solutions are designed for investment professionals and individual investors who are seeking to achieve better diversification within their portfolios. Our conviction in telling the low-correlating investment story is a strong driving force for our firm. Even our name, LoCorr, spotlights our focus and belief in the necessity of these strategies for a healthy portfolio.

Through our strong distribution network, LoCorr remains well positioned for continued growth as investors demand more alternative investment options. We are committed and continue to explore new solutions to further expand our suite of alternative offerings and give our clients superior options that can help optimize their portfolios' performance, now and in the future.

Achieving diversification with reduced risk is our mission and commitment to you.

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